Michael Gaffney, ‘Float Like A Butterfly... Sting Like A Bee" ’, ca. 1977, Richard Beavers Gallery

Muhammad Ali constantly worked on his speed and fight strate- gies for every fight. He also mastered "psychological war- fare" trying to get an edge on his opponents with his "scientific" approach to boxing. He was a student to the game of boxing with a powerful champion's will to win.

Series: The Champ

Signature: Verso

Image rights: Michael Gaffney

The Champ is a perfect trilogy (The Man, The Fighter, The Greatest) in a year in the life of Muhammad Ali from 1977-1978 taking us on a journey with one of the most extraordinary people in our lifetime captured by award-winning photographer Michael Gaffney.

About Michael Gaffney

Irish American, b. 1949, Brooklyn, NY, United States, based in New Jersey